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Wether it's a business-like, matter-of-fact design you want or a modern, stylish look, wether you need a representative and attractive web presence for your company or you want to give your sports club a home on the internet: We develop the right web design for you according to your special needs.

To see a sample of our webdesigns, click here.

We at Nightstone systems create webdesigns following current standards of the World Wide Web Consortium. We thereby accomplish high compatibility of all our webpages with all commonly used web browsers on all common operating systems.

Why is that so important?

Our webpages can not only be viewed with the Internet Explorer® which only partly conforms to the specifications of the W3C consortium and instead propagates its own, non-standard commands and HTML tags, but also with just about any other modern web browser, including, but not limited to:

The webpages we create thus can be enjoyed by all users of Microsoft Windows®, Apple Mac OS X®, Linux, BSD and other Unix-based operating systems.

Our webdesigns are guided by the following official recommendations of the W3C consortium:

By strictly seperating content and layout of the webpages using CSS and by avoiding use of so-called "blind tables" for layouting, HTML frames and purely flash-based contents, our webpages can also be read using text-only browsers, screen-readers and Braille-terminals. This way we achieve a high level of accessibility for disabled persons.

Thus our webpages are open to mostly all viewers, independent of the used operating system, preferred browser or physical disabilities. Inform yourself on the linked webpages or contact us for details.

To create our webpages, we prefer to use free software of the Open Source community, for example phpcms as content management system, the GIMP for creating graphics, logos and background images and free editors to create HTML code and CSS files.

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