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Features of PHP Trouble Ticket

What is it?

PHP Trouble Ticket is a helpdesk application offering both powerful features and ease-of-use at the same time.

It provides a central means of problem reporting and tracking in multi-user environments like medium to large companies, development groups etc. It helps to direct problem reports to the responsible operator(s), keep track of the status of a problem being worked on including info on the severity of a problem and offers it an up-to-date list of recent changes applied. PHP Trouble Ticket can be used as a helpdesk system or a bug-tracker. It can help you in many fields that require coordination of people working together on a common task. It's straightforward design and powerful list- and search-function guarantees quick information retrieval. Automatic email notifications keep both users and administrators up-to-date. Color coding of lists and detail views directs attention to the most important entries.


Powerful optional tools available

Ticket Escalator Robot
Email gateway

If you give PHP Trouble Ticket a try, please give us feedback about your first impression, suggestions, bug-reports, anything that can help us improve the program.

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