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News about PHP Trouble Ticket

Release of PHP Trouble Ticket version 1.4.1.
In version 1.4, some license codes were incorrectly declared "expired". This bug was fixed. No other functional changes were made since version 1.4. Users of PHP Trouble Ticket that run it in a production environment are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this new version even if they do not currently experience any problems with their installation of version 1.4 or any previous release.
When upgrading from a previous version of PHP Trouble Ticket, please make sure that the system requirements are met.
Version 1.4 of PHP Trouble Ticket has been released!
Additionally to an extensive restructuring of the underlying ticket-database, the new version offers the following interesting new features:
  • Users or experts can now "watch" tickets to receive notifications on updates of tickets they are not directly involved in but which are still of interest to them
  • Tickets can now be set into relation with other tickets. The available relations are: "is related to", "is a duplicate of" and "depends on"
  • Users can now close their own tickets (e.g. if they could resolve the problem on their own in the meantime) without the need for an expert to do that for them. On the other hand they can also re-open a closed ticket again (e.g. if the problem still persists after the operator considered it solved). The possibility to re-open closed tickets can be configured in the admin section including a time-out after which tickets can no longer be re-opened
  • Long change entries in ticket-lists can now be truncated after a defined number of characters. Users with a JavaScript-enabled browser will get a "read more"-link which will display the truncated part, so the user doesn't have to go to the details-page to see the rest of the change entry
  • Areas can now be renamed
  • Area locks can now be hidden from users
  • A search function was added to the userlist in the admin section
  • The userlist now shows who is currently logged in and when a user was last logged in to the system
Aside these numerous new features we have also fixed a few smaller bugs and some problems that could occur in conjunction with certain system configurations were resolved. Users of PHP Trouble Ticket 1.3 or earlier versions are encouraged to upgrade to the current version.
In case you have questions concerning this new release, just let us know. You will find our contact info here.
The security service provider "Infigo" has found multiple weaknesses in the current versions of PHP ( that could enable a remote attacker to launch a denial-of-service attack or execute arbitrary code. (Source: heise online announcement, in German)
Of the affected PHP functions "wordwrap()", "array_fill()" and "substr_compare()" PHP Trouble Ticket only makes use of "wordwrap()" though not on unmodified user-entered data. It is thus rather unlikely that a remote attacker will be able to exploit these PHP weaknesses through the use of PHP Trouble Ticket. Please just make sure that no unauthorized people have write access to the PHP Trouble Ticket program- and data-files including NLS-files and templates.
Nevertheless we strongly advise you to update to the latest version of PHP once revised versions become available. Keep in mind that other PHP applications you might be using could be susceptible to exploits related to the aforementioned PHP weaknesses.


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